Gia Xuân Ltd Company is a company specialized and expert for printed circuit boards. Gia Xuân is established since in the early 2000s. Gia Xuân have built up a trade name for many years on the market from the North to the South of Viet Nam.

We are also a distributor company of the KingBoard Group (KB) and the PCB euipments of CSun Group.

With development coopertation in our principal, we will accompany with customers to have  competitive prices and the best quality of goods

We provide the following products:

-      KB Laminating board, UV Ink

-      Dry Film, AGFA Film, Drilling Bits, Router Bits, UV Lamps.

-      Some kinds of the machine, equipments…

-      Machinery repair services

Gia Xuân Limited Company always put the customers’s prestige on top. Within our experience for many years, we will be your reliable partner of the customers in long-term cooperation.